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Image by Tyler Mullins

What is Photoelicitation?

Photoelicitation is an educational technique that involves participants using mobile phone cameras to capture their experiences in nature and subsequent interviews and group work with the photographs taken.  

The programs are designed to focus on increasing ecologic literacy through a cognitive lens (finding, photographing and identifying various species) and an emotional lens through artistic expression and a sense of connection to the ecosystem and the subjects.

Model of Photoelicitation

Environmental Photoelicitation Model.jpg

The model above is taken from my PhD thesis entitled Underwater Photoelicitation: A New Experiential Education Technique.  Through my research I found that photoelicitation was effective at promoting:

  • An increase in environmental awareness

  • A change in environmental attitudes

  • Fostering an emotional connection to nature

  • Fostering a sense of connection to nature

What I offer

Tailored photoelicitation programs and workshops to suit your institutional curriculum and community group.  

More Information

For more information on photoelicitation in an environmental education context, check out my last article published in The Australian Journal of Environmental Education or my PhD thesis. Both links are below:

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